Dance It Out (DIO) ®

What makes Dance With Me different from any other format?

Billy Blanks Jr., the creator of Dance With Me, is a worldwide known choreographer. Experienced in all styles of dance, Billy creates routines that are fun and highly effective. Choreography is constantly being updated so 
Dance With Me is the only fitness-based dance workout. 

Why take a Dance With Me Certification?

Dance With Me is the only dance fitness program that has a "certification". While most programs only "license" an instructor, you will see a lower quality of instructors. When a Dance With Me certified instructor teaches a class, you know you will be getting a fantastic workout.

Dance With Me creates 100% original music for it's certified instructors to use in their classes (includes Hip Hop, African, Bollywood, Country Line Dance, Latin, and more).

The Dance With Me Certification offers a massive amount of continuing education credits, 1.6 ACE CEC's and 8.5 AFAA CEU's.

Billy's Dance With Me offers new and original choreography is constantly changing.