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Dance It Out (DIO) ® Certification


Q: What does the certification include?



Dance It Out ® Instructor Manual
One 8 hour day of review training, lectures, and practical portions
All materials for your first class
Scripted class format
8.5  AFAA  CEU’s
1 year certification
Original Music
License and certificate to teach DIO ® (Upon passing both written & practical exams)
New choreography for over 15+ styles of dance
New choreography teaching methods
Student unification techniques
How to utilize different styles of dance for different parts of the body
How to create a total body, effective and fun workout
How to become a “Rockstar” teacher
Instructor Support
Basic Standards & Guidelines for Group Exercise



Q. What is the Dance It Out ® Certification?
A: Learn how to bridge the gap between real dance and traditional fitness! DIO ® includes all styles of dance including Hip Hop, Country Line Dancing, Bollywood, Disco, African and so much more! The lecture covers 20+ dance styles from all over the world while learning their unique choreography teaching methods. The program has been seen on Dr. Oz, ABC’s Shark Tank, Ellen Degeneres, So You Think You Can Dance, The Meredith Vieira Show and more.
Q: Do I need to have a dance or fitness background to attend a DIO ® Certification?
A: No! You do not need a dance or fitness background to attend. 
Q: Do I have to be CPR certified to attend a DIO ® certification?
A: No, you do not need a CPR certification to attend.
Q: What credits does the certification offer?
A: Regarding the credits, we offer 8.5 AFAA CEU's  which you will receive at the end of the certification. 
Q: How long is the certification?
A: A live certification is one day, Saturday. It is an approx 8 hour day with breaks.
Q: What is a DIO master class?
A: A DIO ® master class is the 1 hour practical demonstration on the format. In other words, it is a DIO ® class!
Q: How long is the DIO Certificate valid for?
A: The certificate is valid for one year. To stay certified, instructors are subscribed to our online choreography archive of dance routines, music, class help and more. Starting at $14.99 a month. Your certificate is valid and will never expire if your Elite account is in good standing condition. This service is all online and can be accessed by computer, smartphone or tablet. The archive includes a full range of routines from 3-20 minutes long of all styles of dance.
Q: After one year, how do I renew my certificate?
Your certificate is valid and will never expire if your Elite account is in good standing condition. What is Elite? See previous answer.
Q: What is the monthly monetary commitment for DIO ® instructors?
A: There is no commitment! DIO ® offers an optional service for instructors, Elite! See previous answers above.
Q: Does Elite offer complete choreographed routines, music, etc?
A: Yes, all content is created by Billy Blanks Jr. 
Q: How often does Elite publish new material?
A: Elite updates the content on a monthly basis.
Q: Once I become DIO ® certified, do I have the freedom to teach my choreography in my DIO ® class?
A: Yes! You have the freedom to use your own choreography in your DIO ® class!
Q: Will there be DIO ® certifications in my area? 
A: To see all upcoming certifications, click here!
Q: When does the early bird price end?
A: Three (3) weeks before the certification date! To see some upcoming early bird offers, click here!