About the Online Certification

Step 1. Receive your DIO ® instructor manual via mail and contact the DIO ® Online Certification Director (info@meettheblanks.com).
Step 2. Log in to the DIO ® School. All log in links will be sent via email from Eric. This email will also include how to view the DIO ® certification content. 
Step 3. Take the written examination. You have 60 minutes to complete the written examination. There are 50 multiple choice questions. 
Step 4. Submit your video. Your video will include the mock group test and two (2) of the DIO ® Standard 7 routines. You will upload your video to a private website of DIO ®.

Q: How do the examinations and testing work for the Online Certification?
A: You are graded on both practical and written examinations. 
Practical - Submit a short video of you teaching DIO ® for evaluation.
Written - Pass the 50 question examination online.

Q. What is the Dance It Out ® Certification?
A: Learn how to bridge the gap between real dance and traditional fitness! DIO ® includes all styles of dance including Hip Hop, Country Line Dancing, Bollywood, Disco, African and so much more! The DIO ® certification is the only dance+fitness course approved by ACE and AFAA as an actual “certification”, not just a workshop. The lecture covers 20+ dance styles from all over the world while learning their unique choreography teaching methods. The program has been seen on Dr. Oz, ABC’s Shark Tank, Ellen Degeneres, So You Think You Can Dance and more.

Q: Do I need to have a dance or fitness background to take the DIO ® Online Certification?
A: No! You do not need a dance or fitness background.

Q: Do I have to be CPR certified to take the DIO ® Online Certification?
A: No, you do not need a CPR certification to attend.

Q: What credits does the Online Certification offer?
A: Regarding the credits, we offer 8.5 AFAA CEU's and 1.6 ACE CEC's which you will receive at the end of the certification. 

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